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Cultural advocacy network of michigan

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Increase funding level for the State of Michigan Arts and Culture Council to $30 million


The Michigan Arts and Culture Council (MACC) envisions a state where communities celebrate creative expression and every person has access to, or participates in, arts and cultural experiences. The Council guides the distribution of resources to ensure that Michigan communities thrive from the civic, economic, and educational benefits of arts and culture. 

Michigan’s funding for MACC stands far below the national average for per capita funding. To illustrate, while Michigan makes do with $9.8 million in funding this fiscal year, states like Ohio and Minnesota boast figures of $25.8 million and $55.1 million respectively. This puts Michigan in a less favorable position, projected to drop to 27th or 28th in the nation.

Why Increase Funding

By increasing funding for MACC, we support a  thriving arts and culture sector in Michigan. The sector acts as a catalyst for economic growth, stimulating business, boosting tourism, and widening the state's workforce and tax base. In addition to the economic benefits, arts and culture provide educational advantages and increased academic achievement, enhance health and well being, and give Michigan a competitive edge by accessing the state’s creative potential, innovation, and generation of distinctive products and services. 

Arts and Culture are a resilient force that diversifies the state’s economic foundation, critical to Michigan as the state has faced declines in other industries. The arts sector not only generates jobs and uplifts property values but also plays a pivotal role in community recovery and healing.

CAN Commitments

The Cultural Advocacy Network of Michigan (CAN) commits to:

  • Engage professional lobbyists to influence political decisions related to our legislative priority.

  • Include this legislative priority as a primary focus for legislative meetings and events CAN hosts throughout the year, including Cultural Advocacy Day. 

  • Inform CAN’s community of advocates on relevant information and updates to our legislative priority.

About Us

We are a statewide, membership-based organization dedicated to ensuring cultural leaders have the tools necessary to provide services of the highest quality.

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